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Campus is located at a convenient location away from hustle and bustle of the city. With lush green lawns and serene ambiance  it provides an appropriate environment for academic work and provides the following amenities for all round growth of budding engineers.

1. Teaching Facilities

The learning and teaching facilities in the College are excellent.


Well-equipped classrooms, workshops, computer labs, library and learning centre ensure that our students study in a pleasant environment with up to date equipment and software.


The campus being 3Kms from the heart of Tumkur city. The city metropolitan transport service runs city buses from important areas of city to the college.

3. Parking

There is excellent on-campus parking with entrances to general student and visitor car parks on the right and left of the main access road. Drivers are requested to follow the directional signs and observe all parking restrictions, designated and restricted parking areas and marked parking bays for disabled drivers. Permit parking regulations must be observed. Please observe the 10 mph speed limit and give way to pedestrians. 

4. Infrastructure

The infrastructure also includes a state of art air-conditioned computer laboratory with servers and internet facilities; and work stations have welding and smithy equipments that provide hands on experience to our engineering students. Apart from this, each department has its own discipline based laboratories for study and research.

5. First Aid

Several members of staff are trained in First Aid and there are two First Aid rooms - on the lower ground and first floors. If you are involved in an accident or incident, please report this to the General Office staff who will arrange for a First Aider to be contacted.

6. Hostel

A home away from home', is the concept of hostel in GPT. Hostel provide the best possible comfort needed for students. The number of students accomodated in a room depends on the semester. As the concentration and privacy required is more as a student progresses to final year accordingly the accommodation is provided.

There are exclusive Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian mess facilities. The hostelites are provided sports, gymnasium and browsing facilities.

7. Play Ground

A cricket field, tennis court, basket ball and volley ball court exists in the campus, apart from a host of other facilities for indoor and outdoor games. Physical education teachers plan and execute selection and training of the right teams, demonstrate and share the intricacies to ensure that games teach team building as much as derive satisfaction of achieving success on the field through skills and sweat.

8. Books & Stationery 

This is a one-stop shop- modern, stylish and convenient providing for all the needs of students available at GPT Co-opetative society ltd. Quality products sourced mostly from direct manufacturing points, ensure good pricing as well.